Sunday, 7 October 2012

Does God Play Dice? - James May's Things You Need to Know - Series 2 Epi...

Does God Play Dice is a famous quote made by Einstein but also a book about chaos theory. The book is high influential not only in Maths, Science but also into Philosophy. It was written by Ian Stewart, a mathematician , and it explains chaos theory covering mathematical concepts such as differential equations, resonance, nonlinear dynamics, and probability. 
According to the book "The science of chaos is forcing scientists to rethink Einstein's fundamental assumptions regarding the way the universe behaves. Chaos theory has already shown that simple systems, obeying precise laws, can nevertheless act in a random manner. Perhaps God plays dice within a cosmic game of complete law and order. Does God Play Dice? reveals a strange universe in which nothing may be as it seems. Familiar geometric shapes such as circles and ellipses give way to infinitely complex structures known as fractals, the fluttering of a butterfly's wings can change the weather, and the gravitational attraction of a creature in a distant galaxy can change the fate of the solar system."
More on here or the amazing Graphic Guide series, a copy is available in the library! Ask to Ms Coxon.
PS: The question persists: Is there a God? Check the arguments against and in favour of,  pondering on it. Check the argument of contingency on Cosmological Argument

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